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What is UIX?

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Enter"UX design" as a Google search and you will find 592 million results. Although I have read about UX design before, I had to ask myself, what is UX design again? Then, I had to study it all over again since it has been a while. This time, I am able to dive deeper into UX design and found I've been implementing UX design in my work already. UX design is in short about a user's experience but includes the study, research, and processes for the user's experience. In my student services work, this would look like evaluating a student's experience with our Bible college from the point of initial contact all the way through each step of the enrollment process. Questions for the user's experience could include the recruiting experience (and process), the admissions experience (and process), registration and enrollment experience (and processes), new student orientation experience (and process), as well as interactions with people, information, location, and more. When I was promoted from Director of Technology to oversee the Student Experience departmet, I had to evaluate the process of students' experiences in order to 1) get familiar with, 2) evaluate, 3) analyze, 4) research, and redesign the entire process. What I found in the LinkedIn UX Training is UX designers typically use software to map out the design processes in order to collaborate with other stakeholders and evaluate the design process along the way. I never used any of the software discussed in the training. I only used Lucidchart and Google slides. Below is a screenshot of how I integrated my Lucidchart drawing into a Google slide presentation. The Linked In training and trainer recommend Invisionapp, which I will need to research. I will blog about Invisionapp when I do.

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