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Padlet - Trying Technology Tools

Sometimes you just have to go in and play with something to learn it. My professor gave me some feedback on one of my assignments and recommended that I might create a slide show (I know how to do that) or a padlet? I don't know what that is, a new technology tool perhaps?! Let's explore! Here is a link to the results after I googled, "padlet," created a free account and hit "sign up." Interesting right?! I used another technology tool such as loom, to create a recording of me exploring and playing with Padlet to create an evaluation tool and a final protocol as suggested by my professor. If you watch the entire 20 minute recording you will see that Padlet allows you to create collaborative (or not) interactive timelines, walls, projects, and more with a unique URL to share and use in and outside the classrooms! There are lots of other padlet examples in the gallery that you can explore (and I do in the recording!) and see that people have used padlet for resumes, collaborative projects, travel itineraries, how to train for a half-marathon and so much more! I only scratched the surface, but talk through all the things that I could possibly do with padlet in my professional and academic environments. There are background options, images, colors, layouts, and more. I created my first padlet using the grid padlet option, then created a wall padlet option. Now that I'm about to begin the next module on Instructional Strategies or Resources in the Art Room, padlet seems like a great option for showcasing a digital portfolio of art work. Students can use their creativity to design the padlet with different designs, images, and even their own artwork loaded as images. Let me encourage you to go browse the Padlet gallery to see all the different ways you can create a padlet. You may need to create a free account to see the gallery, but I do think it is worth it. One thing to note: some of the applications bring excitement as you learn them. I encourage you to use the applications that bring you joy and excitement. Others bring frustration and disappointment. Never fear, there are so many applications to try. Move on to the next one and just have fun!

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