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What are Instructional Strategies?

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Instructional strategies may sound like a confusing concept to many people. It is a fancy way for stating a way (strategy) to teach (instruction). Just like there are many ways to learn, there are many different ways to teach. Essentially, there are many different kinds of instructional strategies. I'll be facilitating a module with some doctoral classmates as we explore instructional strategies together. Feel free to take a look at the module and add comments. Click here to view Instructional Strategies with Teaching & Learning. Instructional strategies are different from instructional tools. Please note: with all these different terms: instructional strategies, instructional tools, instructional design, teaching methods, etc., there is no one clear universally accepted definition. For example, I am currently teaching a course, Principles of Teaching in the Church to a group of undergraduate ministry students. The textbook we are using would refer to "instructional strategies" as "teaching method (Richards & Bredfeldt, 2020). Most of my favorite instructional strategies involve student engagement and interaction such as small group discussion, large group discussion, games such as Kahoot, pair and share, wikis, webquests, and jigsaw strategies. Feel free to add some of your favorite instructional strategies to my Google doc linked above.

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