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Does using technology in a lesson count as an instructional strategy?

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

My personal vote to this question is absolutely not. I personally consider technology an instructional tool that professors, facilitators, or students could use as part of an instructional strategy. The perfect example is a smartphone. Professors, facilitators, and even students can certainly bring their smartphones to a lesson or class. They can certainly use their smartphone in the lesson or class, but it does not guarantee they are using their smartphone for the purpose of the class or lesson. They could certainly be using it to text, take pictures, or browse the latest fad in social media. In this case, they are certainly using their smartphone, but not as part of an instructional strategy. However, when the professor, facilitator, or students use their smartphones to respond to quizzes, polls, create word clouds, and other instant response types of activities, then that is definitely using an instructional tool (smartphone) as part of an instructional strategy (student engagement). In my classes and presentations, I have been using Poll Everywhere (I love word clouds!) and Kahoot! for live interactive fun quizzes. What is your favorite instructional tool to use?

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